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---- Carbon in the soil is a good thing. It boosts biological activity and nutrients to plants and improves water infiltration and storage.   ---- One tonnne of stored carbon in the soil removes 3.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.   ---- Each additional 1% increase in soil carbon per hectare, can result in an additional 168,000 litres of water stored in the soil.   ---- Innovative farmers across the world are using practices that build soil health and are witnessing transformations in productivity and biodiversity.   ---- Carbon is the driver for every aspect of soil health and function. — Australian Soil Scientist Dr Christine Jones

Soil Organic Carbon, the treasure beneath our feet.

Produced by UNFAO. 5 min. Short and informative on the process and benefit of looking after our soils and building soil carbon through changing agricultural practices

Fascinating 5 min story of how one farmer built his farm to be drought resilient.

Just 5 minutes long on the importance of protecting soils and the role soil can play in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere

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