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Soil Week Australia.
5 to 12 December 2024

After our successful competition on Healthy Soil for primary and secondary students in 2022 and 2023, we are running the competition again in 2024.  Head over to the Schools Competition page for more info

An initiative by Healthy Soils Australia

---- Carbon in the soil is a good thing. It boosts biological activity and nutrients to plants and improves water infiltration and storage.   ---- One tonnne of stored carbon in the soil removes 3.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.   ---- Each additional 1% increase in soil carbon per hectare, can result in an additional 168,000 litres of water stored in the soil.   ---- Innovative farmers across the world are using practices that build soil health and are witnessing transformations in productivity and biodiversity.   ---- Carbon is the driver for every aspect of soil health and function. — Australian Soil Scientist Dr Christine Jones

What is Soil Week Australia?

Raising awareness of the importance and benefits of healthy living soil and empowering the people of Australia to take action. We want everyone to fall in love with healthy living soil.

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Win some great prizes for yourself and your school while learning about the importance of healthy soil in our school competition


Healthy soil plays a key role in our food security, health, clean water, Eco services and our climate.


Discover more about the world of healthy soil and the amazing things it does.


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